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Monday, March 31, 2014

California Dreaming

A really quick post tonight before I run out of steam and attempt sleep (Monday's tend to do that). The Arcade March 2014 round closes in less than 12 hours so if you still haven't gone please head over now. Some of the machines are exclusive to the event and will not be set up at the various designers mainstores. You can see who will be retiring their items on the shopping guide here. Surf Co. gives us a nice summer tease with various swimsuits, sunglasses, fanny packs and beach decor. I thought it would be nice to lay on the beach, sip a tequila sunrise from the Erratic machine and welcome in the month of April, thinking warm thoughts.

California Dreaming

Skin- Belleza (Shyla Diggs)- Ria Med 1
Hands- SLink (Siddean Munro)- Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Eyelids- SLink (Siddean Munro)- Mesh Eyelids (alpha)
Hair- *ARGRACE* (rika Oyen)- Akane Platinum
Sunglasses- [Surf Co.] (Emma Gilmour)- Bouquet Sunnies Coral @The Arcade
Swimsuit- [Surf Co.] (Emma Gilmour)- Giraffes Bikini Maui @The ArcadeDrink- Erratic (Erratic Rain)- Tequila Sunrise @The Arcade
Pose- RACK Poses (Kirsty Oherlihy)- Lay With Me

Friday, March 21, 2014

I Follow The Night

I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I begin
To live again?
One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
What more could your love do for me?
When will love be through with me?
Why live life from dream to dream?
And dread the day when dreaming ends...

I Follow the Night

Skin- Belleza (Shyla Diggs)- Ria Med 1
Hair- little bones (Nove Faerye) Bang Bang Blondes @Serafilms
Hands- SLink (Siddean Munro)- Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Dress- Sakide (Kinu Mayako)- Satine Gown Red @Serafilms
Feet- SLink (Siddean Munro)- Female Feet Mid
Shoes- erratic (Erratic Rain)- Clarice Mesh Sandals Red
Pose- Infiniti (Brandi Monroe)- Elegance @TLC Poser Pavilion
Location- Venexia

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear John

When was the last time you received an honest to god love letter? Not an email or note card, but words on paper. When was the last time you wrote one? I was wracking my brain this morning about this very question and I believe my answer to both questions is some time in middle school. I feel like the love letter is a lost art. I won't go into how cheesy some of the letters I have received or written are, but there is something about a declaration of love on paper that is really personal and special.

Dear John

Skybox- lorisen- Ciaran Skybox
Bed- Art Dummy- Soma Vintage Rose @The Arcade
Cabinet/Accessories- O.M.E.N- Dear John Ingrid Cabinet RARE and various commons @The Arcade
Sideboard- Leezu- Sophia Sideboard Clouds @The Arcade
Roses- Tres Blah- Spring Living Roses RARE @The Arcade
Radio- Tres Blah- Spring Living Radio Floral RARE @The Arcade
Heart- Tres Blah- Spring Living Wired Heart White @The Arcade
Sheep- Half Deer- Kerfluffle Sheep Blossom @The Arcade
Pillows- Tres Blah- Spring Living Love RARE @The Arcade
Flower Bear- Boogers- Violet Flower Bear @The Arcade
Books- Tres Blah- Spring Living Vintage Books @The Arcade
Open Book- Vespertine- Book of Dreamer RARE @The Arcade
Book Basket- Vespertine- Bookcart For Her @The Arcade
Letters- O.M.E.N- Dear John Letters From John @The Arcade
Dolls & Box- Tres Blah- Spring Living Nesting Dolls @The Arcade
Ladder- What Next- Window Cleaner Ladder @The Arcade
Table- Floorplan- Bedside Table 

On Me
Skin- Belleza- Ria Medium 1
Hands- SLink- Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
Hair- Truth- Esperanza Light Blondes
Shirt- Erratic- Mindy T-Shirt Creme White
Shorts- Shai- Boyfriend Shorts Pack 5 @The Men's Department
Feet- SLink- Female Feet Mid
Pose- Infiniti- Female Basic 014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Shaken, Not Stirred

This picture started out as a kind of tribute to James Bond and his love of martinis. I'm a huge fan of the Bond movies, especially the early movies with Sean Connery and then more recently, Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. If you don't know about Bond and his favorite drink, I am side eyeing you right now. Yes you. Anyways, my top came off and it got a little bit more risque. So I thought on top of it all, I'd do Strawberry Singh's latest meme, which just happens to be about sex. So don't read any further if you don't want to know! You've been warned.

  • What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – I am heterosexual although sometimes I would say I'm bi-curious. I have been with women in SL and RL. But in the end, I really love men. 
  • Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. – Lips and eyes. Eyes that are piercing and seem to see straight through you and into your soul. And of course nice lips make for nice kissing generally. I've also always been attracted to tall athletic men. I grew up playing sports and so all my boyfriends did too. I especially have a thing for baseball players. 
  • Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between? – I would have to say in between. I'm certainly no prude but I did the promiscuous thing from about age 18-22. After college I really became more selective and realized I wanted to have a connection with the person I was with. At 26, I see myself as one man kind of girl. 
  • What turns you on? – Neck kisses and nibbling. That is my spot. You kiss me there or nibble (not full on vampire bites) then I am basically putty. Also dirty talk, when done right
  • Are you dominant or submissive? – Very much a submissive. 
  • Are you into sexual roleplay? – I used to do quite a bit of sexual RP in SL. I explored it a bit in RL before I realized the guy I was with was bad news. 
  • Which sexual position is your favorite? – Okay whenever people ask me this, I'm always like how can I choose just one? So I will say doggy or against the wall. Against the wall can be tricky for me since I'm so short at 5'2". 
  • Do you have any fetishes? – If I did, I'm not telling.
  • Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional? – I never have in RL and never would. As far as SL, I did a video with Bouncer Criss and Dani Riaxik. You can view it here but careful, it's very much NSFW. I never actually get naked, but Dani and Bouncer do. Dani and I were actually talking earlier and she says it is NOT a porno. So you tell me. 
  • Do you consider yourself sexy? – Not in the least. I am funny and laid back but no, not sexy. Maybe Charisma is, when she isn't busy tormenting Lucie Bluebird. 
  • Shaken, Not Stirred

    Bar and Accessories- Erratic- The Cocktail Bar (Bar, Mixer and Olive Tray Rares) @The Arcade
    Champagne Bucket- Keke- Champagne Bubblissimo Bucket Silver @The Arcade
    Table- Mudhoney- Neve End Table Black
    Chair- {theosophy}- Denham Trois Chair Coal/Coal @The Men's Department
    Pose- !bang- Closeness @The Men's Department (modified with Animare)

    On Me
    Skin- Belleza- Ria Medium 1
    Hands- SLink- Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
    Hair- Exile- Lazy Summer Days Ice Blondes
    Underwear- Baiastice- Lena Lingerie Lace Red Lower Frilly
    Feet- SLink- Female Feet Mid
    Shoes- [L.Warwick]- Europa Slingback Platform Wedges Crimson Leather (50% off at SLink West)

    On Man Prop
    Skin- Belleza- Dylan 2 Tan
    Hair- ExileAJ Brownie
    Suit- FATEwear- Edward Suit

    Monday, March 3, 2014

    Make It Pink! No Blue!

    So the title of this post is inspired by a few things. I made a plurk about how my good friend Lucie Bluebird wouldn't make the new house I bought her for her birthday pink and how disappointed I was (yes I'm a bit ridiculous about the pink). This led to someone posting the scene from Sleeping Beauty where the fairies are arguing over what color the dress should be. "Make it pink, make it blue." I thought this fit well with the colors in my outfit and it's a fun scene to watch as well.

    I have actually had this dress and these shoes from Erratic for a while and I finally got to blog them! The shoes are SLink compatible and come in a variety of colors so I did what any person would do, I fatpacked them. You can get a better view of the dress and shoes on the store blog. Then I added the BOOM umbrella, new at The Arcade. It's scripted to be held open, closed or open and raining. They come in so many cute color combinations and even animal forms. Take a look at all the possibilities here!

    Make It Pink! No Blue!

    Skin- Belleza- Ria Medium 1
    Hands- SLink- Avatar Enhancement Hands Casual
    Hair- Truth- Perla Light Blondes
    Dress- Erratic- Estelle Panel Dress Color Block 1
    Feet- SLink- Female Feet Mid
    Shoes- Erratic- Clarice Mesh Sandals Pink
    Umbrella- *BOOM*- Rain No Rain Umbrella Candy @The Arcade
    Pose- Infiniti- Female Basic 009 M (modified by holding the umbrella)

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Ice Cream or Snow Cone?

    And so I face one of the summers greatest dilemmas, do I get ice cream or a snow cone? I guess it's really too hard to choose when walking the boardwalk so I know I'll end up with both.  Both of these cart's are available at the round of The Garden, from What Next and Stanby Inc. They are great summer decor pieces. I'd love to have a cool treat myself after these hot days we've been having.

    I'm wearing the new Erratic shorts again but I just couldn't resist. This time I paired them with a tube top from Auxiliary and a new necklace from Izzie's.

    Ice Cream or Snow Cone?

    Boardwalk- Barnesworth Anubis- Seaside Pier/Boardwalk/ Dock Kit @The Garden
    Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart Blue- What Next @The Garden
    Snow Cone Cart Mint- Standby Inc @The Garden

    Skin- Belleza- Ava Med 0
    Eyes- Ikon- Lucid Eyes Indigo
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long
    Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
    Necklace- Izzie's- Anchor Necklace Silver
    Hair- Elikatira- Enjoy Blonde 5
    Top- Auxiliary- Truffle Top Blue @Collabor88
    Shorts- Erratic- Briony Shorts Stamps
    Feet- Gos Boutique- Barefoot Flat
    Sandals- Gos Boutique- FlipFlops Colour Collection
    Pose- Olive Juice- Lookbook 7: Summer @Summerfest

    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    A Little Bit of Hibiscus

    Erratic is one of those stores I find myself needing everything from lately. And her latest release does not disappoint. Her latest release, these great summer shorts are cute and I love the unique textures. You will find a variety of plain and patterned shorts for this release. I paired my current hibiscus patterned shorts with the simple knotted t-shirt from Tee*fy. And to top it all off, I put on one of Truth's latest hair, Siobhan. Truth also released a cute bob and *insert shock face here* a hair for the guys! So be sure to check all these goodies out.

    A Little Bit of Hibiscus

    Skin- Belleza- Ava Med 0
    Eyes- Ikon- Ascension Eyes Indigo
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long
    Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
    Hair- Truth- Siobhan Light Blonde 01
    Bracelets- Noodles- Vinyl Wristbands White and Pink @Summerfest
    Top- Tee*fy- Basic Knot T-Shirt Neon Pink @Collabor88 
    Shorts- Erratic- Briony Shorts Hibiscus 
    Pose- Olive Juice- Lookbook 7: Summer @Summerfest
    Location- vespertine

    Thursday, June 6, 2013

    Backstage Groupie

    Do you ever see a product in SL and immediately have a vision of the photo you want to do with it? I love it when that happens and that is exactly what occurred when I saw the instruments from Stanby Inc's World Tour collection, now available at The Arcade. I managed to collect everything include the mystery prize which is this mini amp. I received quite the backstage tour from one of the band members and I got to see more than just some musical instruments, if you know what I mean.

    Backstage Groupie 

    Pants- Erratic- Zoey Leather Pants Black
    Shoes- Ingenue- Delphine Cherry rare @The Arcade
    Pose- oOo Studio- Forbidden
    Instruments- Standby Inc. World Tour- Bass Phoenix, Electric Guitar Dark, Black/Gold Closed Guitar Case, Super Cute Mystery Prize Mini Amp, Spare Cable, The Flying V Fire, Small Speaker @The Arcade

    Friday, May 31, 2013

    My Guilty Confessions

    Today I'll be participating in another one of Strawbery Singh's memes, this time about my guilty confessions. Insert shocked face here. I won't be revealing anything particularly shocking or scandalous but maybe you'll learn a thing or two. Before I get on with it I want to mention what I'm wearing. Erratic released these awesome T-shirts a few days ago and they fit amazingly well. They come in a variety of colors and also some fun hand drawn designs. I was impressed that they fit over so many of my pants and shorts from other brands so well. I did pair this shirt with another new erratic release, the sally zipper skirt. Every time I look at myself I just imagine that this is an easy skirt to take off because of the side zippers.

    On another note, when I put on the skirt I thought that I had a weird glitch (SL related, nothing wrong with the clothing) and contacted the owner of Erratic, Erratc Rain about it. It was only happening with the size I wear (medium) and thought maybe something was wrong. Turns out there wasn't and SL was just being silly, but she was super sweet and very helpful. I love when creators are helpful and contact you right away. And it wasn't even a problem on her end! Anyways, onto my confessions!

    My Guilty Confessions
    1. I'm almost always barefoot. - Although I have shoes galore in SL I prefer to wear my SLink or Gos barefeet. It's just easier to dress myself around barefeet. Plus I'm a lot taller than most of my friends and this way I don't loom over them. This shouldn't be a surprise though because I can't stand wearing shoes in RL as well. Socks are the bane of my existence in the winter
    2. I own far too much pink (and red). - Yes my name is Charisma Jonesford and I'm addicted to pink. I find when I go out to get a new dress or anything, I end up getting it in pink. I never thought of myself as a girly girl but pink (and red) just suit me. Sometimes I really have to make a conscious effort to wear other colors. You will almost never see me wear orange though. I see orange and all I can think is "OH MY GOD PRISON GARB." 
    3. I'm terrible at accessorizing. - Yes yes, I'm a fashion blogger and yet I feel like I'm awful at adding accessories to most outfits. I really have to work at it and this is why sometimes it takes me so long to put an outfit together. I'm just happy I can make jewelry fit me right at this point.
    4. I'm tabbed out or AFK half the time- Yup, that's me. I lead a very busy life with the twins, they are quite the handful and so therefore I'll be logged in but actually be off chasing a half naked toddler. I may also be tabbed out in PS or checking Plurk.
    5. I'm constantly changing houses and decorating- I'd like to blame Harlow Heslop for this and often do, although she knows it's a joke. She's worse than me really. I love setting up a new home and decorating it. I usually also have a skybox up at the same time as well if I feel the need for more privacy, cough cough. I think the reason I'm constantly changing is because I have no way to express this need in RL. I no longer go home to my parents and my room with my employers is about 8ft by 12ft. SL fills that need and I can change it as often as I like with far less effort than in RL. 
    6. I'm a singer.- That's right folks, I randomly break out into song. Of course you'll only hear this if you get me on voice, which I actually prefer to typing. Makes it easier for me to multitask. I start singing and don't even realize it. My old friend would say "Why do I need iTunes or the radio when I have my own personal jukebox right here in voice?"
    Skin- Belleza- Ava Med 0
    Eyes- Ikon- Lucid Eyes Indigo
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long
    Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
    Bracelet- Cae- Cupcake @The Boutique
    Headband- Noodles- Cupcake Bow Headband Pink
    Hair- Exile- Desperately Wanting Ice Blondes
    Shirt- Erratic- Mindy T-Shirt Creme White
    Skirt- Erratic- Sally Zipper Skirt Pink-White
    Pose- Adorkable- Playful Leo ***CLOSING SALE UNTIL JUNE 9TH***
    Location- Magic of Oz

    Thursday, March 14, 2013

    SL Meme: Charisma's Seven Facts of SL

    So I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and do the Seven SL Facts meme that the talented Miss Strawberry Singh started. So here are mine. Maybe you'll learn something new about me. 

    My SL Fact #1
    Charisma is my very first avatar and the only one I use. I have two alts, one female and one male and I never ever use them. It baffles me how people quit their avatars and make new ones, it seems like such a waste of all the hard work you've put into it. Don't get me wrong though, there are circumstances that call for a clean start and a new avatar.

    My SL Fact #2
    For a long time, I role played seriously as a werewolf. I was part of a sim called Darkside and all of our RP was based off the Anita Blake books written by Laurell K. Hamilton. I had a whole back story about how I lead a normal life as a model and then had an abusive boyfriend who bit and turned me and he was then shunned by the pack. I even got "involved" (as part of a story line) with the leader of the werelions at one point which pissed off the Regina (werelion queen). I still have my Ulfric (pack leader) on my friends list and can't bring myself to delete him even though we haven't spoken in years.

    My SL Fact #3
    I'm currently partnered to Dani Riaxik as a kind of inside joke among my friends and her (I'm the wifey and I have to make sandwiches) and she is the only person I have ever been partnered to. I never would have known there was even a partner request until she yelled at me to check my email, oops.

    My SL Fact #4
    I've only met two people from SL in real life. When I first began SL I ended up at this club called Flirtz. I was in college at CCSU at the time and it turned out the owner of this club lived about 20 minutes down the road from me and was attending UCONN. He took interest in me right away. I was 20, he was 26 and we went on a few dates in real life. There was no chemistry, he was a lousy kisser and then I found out he had met someone else from SL before me and she was pregnant and only 18. We decided to just be friends in SL and I later found him on a DO NOT DATE website. I look back on this now and just laugh at how stupid I was.

    My SL Fact #5
    I always had a policy to never ever date in SL when I played before my big break. I saw my friends jumping from guy to guy and all the drama that ensued and just didn't understand it. I was also in college at the time and was more interested in the hot flesh and blood guys that I had at my finger tips. When I came back to SL in January 2012, after my break, I decided to be more open minded about having a relationship with someone. Of course, I still have yet to date anyone officially on here although that could change soon.

    My SL Fact #6
    I had absolutely no fashion sense before 2012. I wore the same skin forever and couldn't even tell you the store name now, I only had a few outfits (mostly slutty ones) and wore ETD hair in only a few styles. I had a lot of freebies and I had no clue what the hell mesh was when I came back.

    My SL Fact #7
    I have a favorite quote of all time that I put on a prim myself to make a wall decal and have put up in every home and skybox that I've lived in. It was said by Angel in Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and here it is:

    “Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. 
    It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. The joy of love... the clarity of hatred... and the ecstasy of grief. 
    It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion maybe we'd know some kind of peace... but we would be hollow... Empty rooms shuttered and dank. 
    Without passion we'd be truly dead.”

    I love it so much because it is so true. Passion is an important part of everything we do and everything we are.

    So there you have it. I'm sure you learned way more than you ever wanted to know about me and SL!

    Skin- Belleza- Ava Med 0
    Hair- Truth- Marisol in Swedish
    Tattoo- *RezIpsa Loc*- Ganesh Henna Tattoo (no longer available)
    Shorts- Erratic- Jessy Studded Shorts Brown
    Feet- SLink-Mesh Rigged Feet
    Picnic Set- Cheeky Pea- Sara Set Adult Spring @FaMESHed

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    Hope Springs Eternal

    Erratic has the cutest hoodies and skirts out at this months FaMESHed. There are so many different patterns and colors available so you can mix and match the hoodies and the skirts. You can also choose to wear them with something else like I did. I couldn't resist the pink version with the cute little bunny on the front. I threw on Cracked Mirror's new jeans, also available at FaMESHed. The butt on these jeans is totally pinchable, don't you think?

    I know it isn't officially spring yet and that I've been doing a lot of spring type posts. I'm just really tired of winter and needed color in my life again. It doesn't help that in RL I look out my window and everything is covered in 3 feet of snow. I wonder if spring will ever come, but I know that it has to.

    Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
    Eyes- Ikon- Eternal in Paradise
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long 
    Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
    Hair- Truth- Hollana in Swedish @Collabor88
    Top- erratic- Carly-Hoodie Skirt Top Bunny @FaMESHed
    Jeans- Cracked Mirror- Disclaimer Skinny Jeans Blue @FaMESHed
    Feet- SLink-Mesh Rigged Feet
    Pose- Adorkable
    Location- Ode

    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    Paint It Pink!

    It's Wednesday, halfway through the week and that much closer to the weekend. Today I'm showing you the new DIY Painter Pose and Prop Set from Pixel Mode. This was so much fun to play around with, it's one of those things that brings great fun back to blogging. The prop can be rezzed with or without the wall, comes with canvas painter shoes and has twelve poses with auto rezzing props. It was really hard to choose just four poses when making a collage. Also included is a HUD that changes the color of the paint on the wall, cans, tray and auto rezzed props. I picked pink of course. You could also use the prop with other people so you can pick different poses.

    Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
    Eyes- Ikon- Eternal in Paradise
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long 
    Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
    Hair- TRUTH- Devina in Swedish
    Top- erratic- Basic Racerback Lights in White
    Overalls- Monso- My Overall Dark Blue
    Shoes- Pixel Mode- Canvas Painter Shoes (comes with the prop)
    Pose Prop- Pixel Mode- DIY Painter Pose and Prop Set

    Friday, January 18, 2013

    Fifty Linden Friday 1/18/2013

    So I usually just cover Fifty Linden Friday on my Plurk but since my timeline is private this means this information is limited to my friends. So quite a few people asked that I do a standard blog post so that more people could access it. So here we go.

    Erratic- Basic Racerback Tanks Color Packs

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012

    The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

    It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Erratic has another new release in the form of a gorgeous leather jacket. What I love most about the jacket is that it comes in an open and closed version, perfect for all your styling needs. Truth released new hair last weekend and Cece is one of them. This is exactly how I wore my hear when I worked in landscaping, silly but true. It comes with  HUD to change the color of the headband.

    Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
    Eyes- Ikon- Eternal Eyes in Ice
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long 
    Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
    Hair- TRUTH- Cece in Swedish
    Necklace- Pididdle- My Special Treasures Silver Glitter @The Arcade
    Jacket- /erratic/- Vanity Leather Jacket Navy Closed
    Jeans- {mon tissu}- 1929 Cigarette Denim Dark
    Boots- SLink- Vanity Boots in Tan @The Dressing Room Fusion
    Pose- oOo Studio- Snowfall *Part of their Holiday Pose Hunt*
    Location- Small Town Green

    Tuesday, December 11, 2012

    Let It Snow

    Tya Fallingbridge has been very busy with new releases for Pixel Mode. Since winter is upon us, she's designed a variety of mesh scarfs and mittens. The scarfs come in solids, stripes, leopard, snow leopard and black check while the mittens come in suede colors. I stuck with a simple white for this outfit. And what better place to model these gorgeous pieces than at Tya's beautiful sim T-Town, all dressed up for the season. In other news, !lamb has released a new hair. If I'm not mistaken, there hasn't been a new release since Hair Fair over the summer. I love the tousled look to it. If we're being completely honest, this would be how my hair looks after fun times in bed. *Coughs.* But never mind me. There's another version that comes with kitty ears headband. Happy shopping!

    Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
    Eyes- Ikon- Eternal Eyes in Ice
    Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long 
    Hair- !lamb- The Big Doll House in Powder
    Scarf/Mittens- Pixel Mode- Knit Scarf and Suede Mittens in White
    Top- erratic- Amy Silk Blouse in Hot Pink
    Jeans- Maitreya- Skinny Jeans Dirty
    Boots- G*Field- Fur Cuff Boots Sasha White @FAIR
    Pose- (marukin)- suave @Collabor88
    Location- T-Town