Review Policy

Hello all and thank you for viewing my blog! It means a lot that you have taken the time to read it. If you are a designer and you want me to review you products I'd be happy to.
First you should know that just because you send me review copies, I am under no obligation to blog them. I blog for fun and use it as a creative outlet. I do not blog to get free things. So I will only blog things that I feel fit my style, although you will find that my style is fairly eclectic.

That being said, if you still want to send me review copies send me an IM in world to Charisma Jonesford and put them in a folder marked Review Copy with the name of your store. 
All of my pictures are on Flickr with links back to my blog and I let people know about my posts on Plurk. If and when I blog your items, I will send you the link. 
Don't expect me to blog something right away though. I am very busy in SL and RL but I promise to get to them as soon as possible (if they are my style).

Thank you again for considering me and viewing my blog. Its my readers and all the talented SL designers that make me want to continue to blog and improve my photography skills.

Charisma Jonesford

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