Friday, September 28, 2012

Swag Fest

Swag Fest starts October 1st and runs for the entire month, brought to you by Flair For Events. Swag Fest focuses on urban streetwear fashion with 151 designers participating. You can read more about it here. I'm not sure that I really have swag but I'll do my best to show you some previews anyways.

Razorblade Jacket has these Bossy Swag jeans in three colors/textures and I'm wearing the punk version. My jacket is from Spearsong and comes in black, pink and black with sparkles.

Underneath the jacket I'm wearing the bra part of lingerie brought to you by Cynful in cheetah, giraffe and zebra patterns. They come with appliers for all you prim breast lovers out there. Lastly is my jewelry. Maxi Gossamer will have out this Raven Skull set with earrings and a necklace.

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Kaleido Eyes in Sky
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long  
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette 
Jewelry- Maxi Gossamer- Raven Skull Set @Swag Fest
Hair- Elikatira- Away in Blonde 5
Bra- Cynful- Deliciosa in Cheetah @Swag Fest
Jacket- Spearsong- Swagged Out Jacket in Black @Swag Fest 
Jeans- =Razorblade Jacket=- Bossy Swag Lowrise Jeans in Punk @Swag Fest
Shoes- DECO- Classic Sneaks in Black
Pose- Bounce This Poses

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Last Minute Shopping

Phew, busy week and I've finally found time to blog again. Today I'm wearing this cute jacket from called Kristen. It has such a nice cut that could be used in a variety of outfits and comes in 10 different colors. Underneath is a simple top also from called the Cliquester Tank. It's adorable that she named each color after various school cliques. I'm wearing it in the Prep version.

I can't get enough of the new event Fair. I love that designers aren't forced to discount their items. I know how much work they put into their products and they deserve each and every penny. My lovely jewelry is from Maxi Gossamer, a must have accessory staple in every SL girls inventory. And then of course there are these fantastic poses from Di's Opera called Almost 6PM. It comes with ten poses and the shopping bags. As a girl, I must go out and buy all the things!

Just a reminder that has a VIP group with the low cost of $50Ls. This month two specialty colors of the Marie Jacket have been put out since an August gift wasn't made available. This is a steal ladies!

On Me
Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Kaleido Eyes in Sky
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long  
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette 
Hair- Elikatira- Daffodil Blonde 5
Jewelry- Maxi Gossamer- High Tea 4pm Tea and Cupcakes @FAIR
Tank Top- Cliquester Tank in Prep
Jacket- Kristen Jackeet in Flamingo
Pants- coldLogic- Eise Trousers in Ebony
Shoes- Baiastice- Ute Mesh Pumps in Black
Pose and Props- Di's Opera- Almost 6PM @FAIR
Location- Mayfair

Monday, September 24, 2012

Get Your Gacha Goods

Good morning and happy Monday! The Arcade gacha event has been in full swing for over a week now and  I still have goodies to show you. My lovely sheer top is from ISON available in nine colors. I love sheer mesh and it's beautiful when done properly. BOOM has put out this Carnival Clutch with eleven colors to win. My flats from Ingenue and necklace from haut.monde are also available at the Arcade.

Everything pictured behind me is a gacha prize! Hard to believe that so many goodies are available in one place and with a play price of  $15-100Ls. Of course you may end up spending a little more if you are going for a specific color or wish to have them all. So if you haven't played at the Arcade yet, go ahead, what do you have to loose? Except for Lindens that is.

On Me
Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Kaleido Eyes in Sky
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long  
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette
Hair- Exile- Like Lovers Do in Stefani
Necklace- haut.monde- Upon a Dream @The Arcade
Clutch- BOOM- Carnival Clutch in Baby Blue @The Arcade
Top- ISON- Sheer Baby Blouse in Black @The Arcade
Pants- coldLogic- Eise Trouser's in Taupe
Shoes- Ingenue- Ariane Flats in Noir @The Arcade
Pose- Adorkable- Elegant @Zodiac

Background- All Available at the Arcade
Wall Signs- Mudhoney- Marla's Song Signs
Cubby- floorplan- Chevron Cubby in Tea
Piggy Bank- Sway's- Pink Survivor Piggy
Hamster- BeetleBones- Fairy Peach Hamster
Skunk- d-Lab- Standing Skunk in Pink
Crayons- R(S)W- Crayon Box and Crayon Group
Egg- Ohmai!- Humpty for Breakfast in Polka Yellow
Bear- MESHWORX- Meshie C
Decorative Dummy- Art Dummy!- Pandora's Wooden Arms Together
Vases- Nylon Outfitters- Doll Head Vases in Mother Nature and Cherry
Shoes- DECO- Deco Bolts in Black

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cirque de Dreams for Fair

Chic Management has brought a brand new event to the grid called Fair which started today at 4PM SLT. Chic has reintroduced a Fair Pricing Policy, hence the name of the event, therefor the items available will not be discounted. But not to worry as these are high quality designers with great items. Each designer will bring you an item inspired by one of the hours of the day. Seraphim has already covered the event here and you can read more about it at Chic here. I love pose props so naturally one of my favorite items available is the Cirque de Dreams Prop from BENT. Inspired by the shows from Cirque de Soleil, the pole comes with 10 different artistic poses. I threw on some lingerie and chose one of my favorite poses to show you. So be sure to check out this new awesome event!

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Sunrise Eyes in white
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long  
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette
Hair- TRUTH- Rory in Swedish    
Lingerie- Mon Cheri- Sweet Nothings in Noir
Shoes- Ingenue- Ariane Flats in Noir (rare) @The Arcade
Pose Prop- BENT- Cirque de Dreams @Fair

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Good morning and happy Friday. Today I have a little bit of everything to show you. First off is this warm sweater from Tres Blah at Collabor88. It comes in 5 colors and you can either purchase it with or without a collar. This cute school girl skirt is available courtesy of .evolve. and the argyle pattern comes in six colors. Finally, I'm wearing a few things from The Arcade gacha event. My flats are from Ingenue and you could win one of ten colors, two of which are rare. Piddle has this Decor Collar in 15 patterns. Lastly is this unusual Serpent Ring from HANDverk. The ring is available in 12 different colors. So go out and hit these events and .evolve. if you haven't yet.

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Sunrise Eyes in white
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long  
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette   
Hair- TRUTH- Winona in Swedish
Collar- Pididdle- Decor Collar in Noir Lace @The Arcade
Ring- HANDverk- Serpent Ring in White @The Arcade
Sweater- Tres Blah- Preppy Sweater in Green @Collabor88
Skirt- .evolve.- Fade Skirt in Grey 
Tights- Izzie's- Black
Shoes- Ingenue- Ariane Flats in Emerald @The Arcade
Pose- !bang
Location- Vespertine Main Store

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Every Rose Has it's Thorn

HANDverk is at this round of Collabor88 and that's very exciting! HANDverk's accessories and shoes are always very original and different. The rose accessories available at Collabor88 are no exception and are gorgeous and the details are lovely. Pumps, earrings and a necklace are all available in a variety of colors. I'm featuring all of them in slate. What better way to showcase them than by wearing some of my favorite lingerie?

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Sunrise Eyes in white
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long  
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette  
Hair- Elikatira- Found in Blonde 5
Earrings- HANDverk- Rose Earrings in Slate @Collabor88
Necklace- HANDverk- Rose Necklace in Slate @Collabor88
Pumps- HANDverk- Rose Pumps in Slate @Collabor88
Lingerie- Zaara- Aksaka Lingerie in black/gold
Pose- Bounce this Poses

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Under the Sea

Under the sea, under the sea, darling it's better down where it's wetter take it from me...Ok so I'm not a singing mermaid or crab but I just had to break out into song, especially considering the cute sea creatures that photo bombed me. A fantastic event has come to the grid called The Arcade. It's a gacha event that is on a quarterly schedule. Right now the event runs until October 15th but there will be a new round in December and so on. I honestly have never been a gacha person but I went a little nuts at this event trying to get all the great items, like these mesh plushies from Intrigue Co. There are 10 available and can either be held or rezzed in world for decoration (with a land impact of 2). I was lucky enough to get them all. My necklace is also an item from the Arcade, from haut.monde. Want to check out what is available at The Arcade before you fight the lag? Take a gander here.

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Sunrise Eyes in white
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long 
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette 
Hair- Truth- Cynthia in Swedish
Mask-XSTREAM- Diving Mask
Necklace- Noodles- Part of Your World Necklace @The Arcade
Bikini- G*Field- Frill Bikini in Fuchsia
Plushies- Intrigue Co @The Arcade- Circus the Clownfish, Squirt the Whale, Rocket the Shark, Sparkle the Stingray, Ursula the Octopus, Larry the Lobster, Puddles the Seahorse, Sheldon the Sea Turtle, Angel the Angler Fish (rare), Elle the Dolphin
Pose- Adorkable- Prance

Friday, September 14, 2012

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Good morning, it's finally Friday! I honestly can't help but sing all day I'm so excited for the weekend! I have a bunch of random songs stuck in my head. Of course, my best friend would tell you this isn't unusual and that she doesn't need an iPod when she has me, the human jukebox. Anyways, I'm off on a tangent so let me get back to something SL related, right? Erratic is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores right now doing mesh. Each creation is gorgeous and awesomely textured. This dress I'm wearing is their newest creation and is available in a variety of colors, plain and sparkly.

The shape and slight draping on the back of this dress is the best part in my opinion. It really emphasizes my behind, which I love. And what better way to show that off than with some poses from Bent called Be.Hind? I'm in love with Bent poses right now, artistic and yet still nice for showing off an outfit in a fashion post. I feel ready for a night out, what do you think? Have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend!

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette 
Hair- Magika- Tendency
Dress- Erratic- Cowl Neck Dress in Glitter Red
Shoes- NX-Nardcotix- Letti Sparkle Peep Toe in Silver
Poses- Bent- Be.Hind
Location- Cupcake Sim

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pumpkin Spice

I've been seeing teaser pictures of this awesome trench coat from Kallisto Destiny of Drift on Flickr for a while now and couldn't wait to get it. She finally opened her in world shop and I rushed over to pick up the coat. The build and decorations are gorgeous, as is the coat of course. It comes in 4 color options but I had to wear pumpkin since autumn is here. I love the sexy sleek belt. The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter and colder and it's time to start making apple pies. I really just cannot get enough of this lovely season. I decided to snap a few photos at Izzie Button's sim, which she just finished decorating. Another lovely place for a fall photo shoot!

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Sunrise Eyes in white
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long
Necklace- Maxi Gossamer- LoveBug @Collabor88
Hair- Exile-Believe Again in Stefani
Coat- DRIFT- Tulip Trench in Pumpkin
Boots- N-Core- Euphoria in Coffee
Pose- Adorkable
Location- Izzie's Main Store

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dancing When the Stars Go Blue

Good morning everyone! It's a gorgeous day here and I can't help but be in a good mood. A new round of Collabor88 has started and that means fantastic fashion at great prices. Today it's all about the lovely products from Auxilary. This top is fabulously textured and great for the end of summer. Also from Auxilary, is this cute little bag. I'm sure it will fit all of my essentials inside. And of course let's not forget my new favorite jeans, available at FaMESHed. It's hard to find a great pair of mesh skinny jeans and these are no less than fabulous. Plus (although you can't see it in this picture) the butt cleavage is great. Have a wonderful day!

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyes- Ikon- Sunrise Eyes in white
Eyelashes- Redgrave- 31 extra long
Nails- Mandala- Medium Palette 
Necklace- Maxi Gossamer- Marrakech Heart Silver @Collabor88
Hair- Exile- Fade Into You in Stefani
Top- Auxilary- Mullet Top in Seafoam @Collabor88
Purse- Auxilary- Tiny Tote in Ink
Jeans- Auxilary- Skinny Jeans in Ink   @FaMESHed
Feet- SLink- Mesh Rigged Bare Feet
Sandals- SLink- Aussie Thongs in White
Poses- Purple Poses
Location- Sunshine Mist