Thursday, December 20, 2012

Close Your Eyes

So something you probably didn't know about me but I'm a bit of a home and decor junky. I love to decorate my house and skyboxes but it's rare that a room I set up actually gets blogged. Probably because I'm short on time these days. I guess the idea of this room was a kind of a Christmas time bedroom, filled with furniture that is new on the grid. Another fun fact, it is almost all mesh. I love mesh furniture because of the lower land impact. More prims for decorating is always a plus.

Something else that has been a lot of fun lately is using couples poses. It's another thing I don't do often but for different reasons. Mostly I hate to bug any of the guys on my friends list even though I know for a fact Sage here doesn't mind one bit. I always feel like I take too long to take the picture and that I'm using up their valuable time. I know that this is a silly thing to think so hopefully you'll see more couples photos as times goes on.

Skin- *League*- Jen Medium in Natural
Eyelids- SLink- Mesh Eyelids
Hands- SLink-Mesh Rigged Hands
Hair- Exile- Sway My Way in Stefani @Together For Sway
Lingerie- *BOOM*- I Promise Candy Cane Lingerie @The Dressing Room Fusion (last day it is available)
Feet- SLink- Mesh Rigged Feet
Poses- CnS e-motion- Protection and Salvation @Together For Sway

Bed- Apple Fall- Winter Bed Adult
Drawers- {vespertine}- Elfy Wardrobe Red
Wall Art- Thistle- Never Give Up @Together For Sway
Word Decor- Apple Fall- Joyeaux Noel for 12 Days of Christmas Advent
Tray- What Next- Christmas Chocolatier Drinks Tray @Together For Sway
Tree- Cheeky Pea- Tynebank Antler Tree @The Mens Department
Chair- Mudhoney- Meredith Chair
Wall Tree- What Next- Snowflake Frames

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